doublet — 2005-10-16

It's not a Myth

It’s MythTV

Yesterday I avoided overhauling my daughter’s PC by buying her a new one. It was several years old and would have cost just about as much to bring it up to a decent performance level. So today I geeked out on her old PC and turned it into a MythTV box.


After throwing in a 200 gig hd and a Hauppauge 350 tv card I did a KnoppMyth install on it. The MythTV part is great: pvr, mp3, video player, jpg screenshows, news feeds, weather, etc. I was a bit disappointed with the limited apps that came with the Knoppix part, but after loading Firefox and a few other key apps it should be ok. Why would you build a totally killer multimedia linux system and the only browser choice is text based lynx? At least throw in Konqueror like all the other Knoppix distros do.

Now I just have to find the easiest way to copy 15 gig of mp3s from another PC to the /myth/music folder, set up a schedule for recording The Daily Show, from the zap2it listings, install ipodder and Azureus for my vidcast feeds and it’ll be all set.

Much thanks to KRose and Double-D of Systm for showing how easy it could be .

On another note, I picked up the DVD-Audio version of Good-bye Yellow Brick Road today. The Dolby 5.1 surround remix is sweet.

Systm MythTV video

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  1. Comment by Lydia @ November 03, 2005, 10:07 pm

    Way to make the most of that poor computer…if I was still using it, I probably couldn't have even gotten to this site!

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