doublet — 2005-10-10

Two Weeks

This one is for the Lady in Red who will be dealing with those annual I’m not getting older issues again in a couple weeks. Couldn’t help but be reminded of that scene in Total Recall when Quaid is passing thru customs after arriving on Mars (the red planet) and his disguise goes haywire and keeps repeating two weeks.

Now I’m not saying her head is going to explode or anything like that, but there’s no telling what will happen when she hits 29 for the umpteenth time. She should probably consider spending the next two weeks in Chattanooga so I can make sure nothing bizarre happens to her or at least so I can document it when it does.

In honor of her special day here’s a link to a most appropriate smash mix.

DJ Paul V Smashup
Total Recall

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  1. Comment by Carolindia @ October 15, 2005, 03:32 pm

    Ahem…you wouldn't be referring to my August Self, would you? As a matter of fact I spent the afternoon….reading a women's health book about the effects of "perimenopause," which supposedly I am experiencing now that I've passed 35 for crying out loud.

    Oh, okay. You didn't mean me…did you?

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