doublet — 2005-10-04

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2005 #11

Rilo Kiley is in the house, er, park. Had to pick up their More Adventurous CD after hearing them at the fesitval. Sounds extremely good on my new PolkAudio surround system. There will be little sleep around here for a while.

rilo kiley pic

update: The Rilo Kiley site refusing to load in Firefox is due to an issue with adblock. The site will load if you go into adblock preferences and uncheck Obj-Tabs.

Download MP3, 5:25min, 2.5 MB

Rilo Kiley
Official web site for Rilo Kiley. Evidently all flash based. Refuses to load for me in Firefox.
Rilo Kiley 2
Fan based Rilo Kiley web site

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