doublet — 2005-10-01

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2005 #7

This one is Lyle Lovett and his Large Band. The whole festival wasn’t as mellow as the songs I’m posting. It’s just that the only ones that recorded even halfway decently were the quietest ones. The volume was just too much for my iRiver to handle. That was even with it in its case upside down covering the mic and then stuffed inside my camera bag to help deaden the sound. Do they make earplugs for iRivers?

lyle lovett pic

So far I’ve been unable to salvage anything from Jet, Steve Earle, Oasis and Death Cab for Cutie. But there’s more Lyle, Lucinda Williams, Rilo Kiley, Franz Fernando, Robert Earl Keen, Buddy Guy, and possibly Coldplay to come.

Download MP3, 3:12min, 1.5 MB

Lyle Lovett
MCA Records site for Lyle Lovett

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