doublet — 2005-09-29

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2005 #5

Ran into a familiar shirt at the show, a bright yellow one reading Southeast Pennsylvania Lacrosse. Turns out the guy lived just a few miles from where I grew up. Small world.

Went to a great little theater while in Austin – The Alamo DraftHouse. Between each row of seats is a row of tables. Write down your order and they bring it to you while you’re catching the flick. I had a very tasty burger. Why can’t Chattanooga have something like that?

Speaking of tasty… My sister recommended Galaxy Cafe. They had a spot at the festival so I checked out the chicken chipotle. Ah yes. Twice.

Sunday morning featured home-cooked breakfast Texas style at the home of a friend of Andy. Eggs with all the spicy extras wrapped in tortillas and a compulsory plate of fruit. If I hadn’t lost 40 lbs of sweat during the festival I might have actually gained some weight on this trip. Yeah, right.

Went a whole week without any Gevalia though. There oughta be a law.

plant pic

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Great place to catch a movie.
Galaxy Cafe
Review of the Galaxy Cafe by the Austin Chronicle
My favorite coffee.I prefer the whole bean traditional roast, but also sample some of their other coffees from around the world. I see they now carry Jamacian BlueMountain. Where's my checkbook?

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