doublet — 2005-11-10

Here fishy fishy

Another test video – a short clip of one of my aquariums. Trying mp4 format again this time. Used a lower quality stream to keep the file size down.

Download MPEG-4 Video, 0:40min, 0.8 MB

doublet — 2005-11-10

New and Improved - Loudblog 4

0.4 actually. I just upgraded and this is a test post to see if the video support it claims to have is real. If so there should be an option to view a quicktime mov I took at the airshow a few weeks ago. The video was taken with my Nikon 4300 so it’s just video, no sound, and it’s vastly oversized.

Update: the 7M mov file wouldn’t play for me. I’ve converted it to a 600K streaming mp4 file. Less than one tenth the size and the quality is nearly as good. At least it will be good if it will play.

Update 2: That file won’t play for me either. Let’s try a 2M h.264 format this time.

Update 3: Still no luck. Time to check with Gerrit and see if she has any suggestions. What time is it in Germany?

Update 4: In case you didn’t notice, I’ve moved. Not far, just up one level. You can now get here using For some reason now that I’ve moved everything the movie plays?? What’s up with that?

Download QuickTime, 0:28min, 2.1 MB