doublet — 2006-03-31

A Few From The Fifties

Scans from the fifties are posted. Motel cards dominate, but Disneyland also makes an appearance.

Open Wide

Postcard Archive 1907 - 1959
doublet — 2006-03-19

Miami Beach to Wooster

The forties have arrived. Only 17 cards from this decade, but at least I recognize the names on some of them.

wooster welcome

Postcard Archive 1907 - 1949
doublet — 2006-03-01

10 More Years

I’ve finished processing the postcards for 1930-1939. Anyone up for a trip to Beatenbucht am Thunersee? I’d go myself but there are another 1000 or so postcards waiting for me.


Postcard Archive 1907 - 1939
doublet — 2006-02-26

7 to 29

Postcard scans postmarked 1907-1929 are now posted. There are probably others in my collection from those years, but they are either not postmarked or I cannot read the postmark to determine the year. Future posts will be made for each decade starting with the 30’s as I get the cards scanned. 75 percent of my collection is not postmarked, and so cannot be easily classified by year.

I have remarks turned on for this postcard archive but it is not currently working. This is making the pages load VERY slowly while waiting for the database connection to fail. Hopefully I can get that fixed soon.

Update: The database connection issue has been resolved. The postcard pages should load fine now.

Postcard Archive 1907 - 1929
doublet — 2006-02-24

Seven from Seven

Welcome to the kickoff of a project that I’ll probably tire of long before it’s complete – a web archive of my postcard collection.

Postcard 1907

I might as well start at the beginning – 7 postcards from nearly 100 years ago – 1907.

Seven Postcards from 1907
The first installment of the postcard archive- slideshow of seven 100 year old postcards