doublet — 2012-11-01

Halloween 2012

Just a typical Halloween at Black Cats Manor, handing out candy, scaring the little tykes, and hanging with the fam around a flaming pumpkin.

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doublet — 2008-08-29


Brad and Lydia Freeman

Mr & Mrs Freeman

No one fainted. No one tripped. Except for the cake.

doublet — 2007-12-16

Dummmm Dum Dum Dumm Dummmm Dummmm

Pomp and Circumstance has played. Gov. Bredesen has spoken. Rolled pieces of paper have exchanged hands. Tassles have been swung to the other side. Somewhere down there are the 18 newest members of the Alpha Society. I know one of them.

UTC Dec 2007 Graduates

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doublet — 2007-11-03

Black CatS Manor Again

A couple weeks ago, with Halloween fast approaching and black cat one not acting too much like he enjoyed being the only black cat in the manor, I headed to the closest cat adoption center. Waiting for me in cage #1 was the new black cat two. He’s adapted well to his new surroundings except for the brand of litter.

black cat two aka martin

If you happened to be collecting candy in the neighborhood recently you might have wondered who the dude in the window was. Me too.

window dude

doublet — 2007-10-09

RIP Mister Winston

Once again I reside at Black Cat Manor. Mr. Winston left this morning for the great sparrow hunting ground in the sky. Salem is not pleased. Nor am I. Happy hunting, Winston. We’ll miss your claws.

Happy Hunting

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