doublet — 2007-06-16

The fight against squirrels abroad

Evidently they didn’t have an ASDS or things like this wouldn’t happen.

Squirrel goes on a rampage, attacking and biting a 72 year old woman, a construction worker, and an old man tending his garden before being crutched to death.

Squirrel attack in Germany
doublet — 2007-05-27

ASDS Update

Parts list
1. 1/2 PVC pipe and connectors
2. LawnGenie inline valve and 24 volt adapter
3. X10 appliance module and remote control
4. sprinkler heads
5. water
6. webcam for remote monitoring (optional)
7. Firecracker software and comm port module (optional)

Note: This is just an updated version of the previous video.

Download MPEG-4 Video, 8:16min, 36 MB

doublet — 2007-05-23


The ASDS had its first real test today and performed flawlessly. The squirrels never saw it coming. One minute they were feasting on sunflower seeds, the next they were scrambling for their lives.

Note: Video removed. See ASDS Update posting for revised version.

doublet — 2007-05-22

Warning: These feeders protected by ASDS

Squirrels, consider this your last warning. The Anti-Squirrel Defense System has been activated.

I don’t mind them eating the bird feed, and I can even put up with them gnawing away at the feeders, but I don’t appreciate coming home and finding half the plants on the deck have been uprooted by one of the pesky varmints. Enough is enough. I’m fighting back. Enter the Anti-Squirrel Defense System. One push of a button and the rascally rodents become soggy squirrels.

Download MPEG-4 Video, 0:35min, 3 MB